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Wardah BB Cream Review


I might be wrong but I think this is my first time having a beauty review product. Hehehe. So let’s begin!
I have some trouble with foundation I got before applying my make up. Sometimes, It is really  sticky  and made my face kinda wearing a mask. Or the other hand, I got the no-effect foundation that just not correcting any blemish on my face. I’ve tried any local nor import brands but unfortunatelly I still didn’t get one that suits me best.

I’m not the type of person who really cares about make up at the first time, but my current job made me have a lot of fun with make up. So, when I strolling around the mall to find my make up haul, I stopped by Wardah’s counter.

I never tried Wardah products before. I bought one BB Cream, one Sunblock, and a lipstick for my lips color corrector. It has been about a month I used those products.
I want to review the BB cream first.

The first sensation I got when its cream touch my skin is....so light! I don’t even feel a sticky sensation as I had with other products. It easily blend, and absorbed fastly. Besides that, It gives me a natural coverage, not a pale white and flat look. Moreover, if I look closely, the product also gives me a bit shiny and healthy look.

Here's the result :

This BB Cream also averagely long lasting. About 8-10 hours of applyment and I just need a bit touch up on my T-zone once every four hour. When I tried to remove the make up at day end, it also doesn’t left so-freakin-much-cream-I-had-each-day on the cotton. Supa great!

Pros :
-          Nice and long lasting coverage
-          Not sticky
-          Affordable
-          Light sensation and easily removed
-          Doesn’t plump your pores
-     Already have spf 27

Cons :
-          The product easily ran out of my stock :p

Thanks for reading! :D


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