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(Late)Birthday Gift

Endah Widyaningsih

Nuryani Meilan A. 31 Mei 2013

A Potrait of Someone

found a cute face of him and decided to sketch him. done in 15 minutes, using drawing pen


kaki gue gemeteran

halo *ngomong dengan nada bass terendah, muka mumet, kaki gemeter, hati jeder jeder*
jadi hari ini gue stres....
gue stres banget sampe sampe rasanya gue gak ada nafsu sama sekali buat ke wc pas lagi gak kebelet pipis.

gue abis kecelakaan.
bukan, bukan kecelakaan yang ampe gue bedarah trus koleps dibawa ke UGD.

ini cuma kecelakaan kecil, dan gak berdampak apa apa ke body motor gue.
jadi ceritanya gini,ehem *tarik napas*. gue lagi ngelintas di daerah klender dan gue mau belok ke arah RS. Persahabatan, karena gue dikejer waktu dan kondisi jalan cukup lancar, gue narik tuas gas gue tuh.
Gak lama, ada lampu merah di persimpangan depan dan gue bakal belok kanan. Speed gue tadi kira-kira 50km/h lah.

Sekitar 30 meter sebelum lampu merah, depan gue ada honda Jazz dengan kecepatan sekitar 45-50 km/h. Di depan kebetulan ada tikungan kiri rada tajem sebelum gue belok ke kanan dan ketemu lampur merah. Pas gue mau nyalip, gue speeding up ke sisi kiri mobilnya *I know I was suck but there's no choice* dan bodohnya gue, gue gak klakson, si Jazz juga gak ngasih sen.

Dan, BRAK!

gue nyerempet lower end kiri si jazz sampe baret sekitar 15 cm an. Motor gue keserempet "sedikit" doang. Dan hebatnya dengan speed 55km/h gue sama nci gak jatoh dan masih bisa ngelaju. Pikiran gw disitu udah mulai kacau, nggak fokus, mikirin bakal baret dimana. Akhirnya abis 2 lampu merah gue nepi karen di dim sama si Mbak Jazz.

Ya gitu lah, standarisasi prosedur abis kecelaakaan, mbak nya turun, gue diomelin, gue minta maaf karena gak mau perpanjang masalah dan gue tanya gue harus ganti berapa. olololol, dan ternyata mbak nya meskipun marah dengan baik hati cm ngingetin gw buat hati hati dan gak ngebut. Thanks mbak!

Gw liat nci, kakinya gemeteran, mukanya pucet, masih syok. Akhirnya mbak nya ninggalin kita dan gue bilang makasih.

Gue cek kondisi motor gue dan gue cuma bisa bengong.

"Anjir perasaan tadi gue denger suara BRAK kenceng banget?!!"

Ini ajaib kawan-kawan!!! Miracle!! Magic!! Woooo (?)


Seriusan, gue gak boong gue aja kaget.

Spakbor depan belakang aman. Komponen lampu aman, body gak ada yang lecet, mesin berjalan sempurna. Intinya gak ada goresan!

Pas gue liat knalpot gue, ada lecet kecil dan pas gue gosok ilang. huft.

yang arah cuma 1, rem kaki gue bengkok ke dalem. and i have no idea how can I drive with one brake broken. And shit, gue lupa ngegembok rim gue hahah :v

Yasudahlah, semoga motor gue selamat. anyway have a nice day :)


muka masih nervous

Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

Gadget Wishlist

Posting in my office hour. hehe XD
Recently, I'm very in love with Apple products. No, not an apple fruit but lotsa gadget from Apple company.
Who doesn't attracted by Apple product?
They have a slim, thin, pretty, and clean gadget design and clever operating system so far.
They also known as premium brand that just a few people use it, especially because the price tag is pretty much pricey in my country, Indonesia.

Yah, i must confess that I just attracted by iPod 5th Generation. I've never fell for Apple product before, but iPod did!
lololol sorry dear Steve Jobs :"

So, here's the wishlist of my gadget. I made a plan to have 'em around 2013-2014

1. Apple iPod touch 32GB 5th Gen (baby blue)
i'll frequently use it as my most gaming device. Won't fill it with anything but game :p

2. Sony Xperia J ST62i (white)
I'll use it as my primary mobile phone :3

tee hee


Senin, 22 Juli 2013

Pacific Rim - Sunday Movie Review

how's your weekend? Did you just lay on your bed? Became a couch potato in whole day? or maybe hung out with pals?
I went to Senayan City XXI with Codot yesterday to watch Pacific Rim. Highly anticipated!!
So, this is my first review ever. I've never wrote a review about a film i watched before but Pacific Rim makes it start!
So, enjoy :p



Date Release : 11 July 2013
Director : Guillermo del Toro
Movie Length : 131 minutes

Pacific Rim is a 2013 American Sci-Fi movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. The story is telling about a war between Kaijus, colossal alien beasts who rise from an interdimensional portal on the Pacific floor to devastate human cities and elite machinery corps called Pan Pacific Defense Corps (P.P.D.C). Jaeger is a colossal humanoid warmachine built by P.P.D.C to attack on Kaijus using shared-memory system between pilot and co-pilot with kinectical moves. Stacker Pentecost (Elba), commander of the Jaeger forces, devises a plan to end the war by using a nuclear warhead to destroy the portal.

An endless war keeps begin after 5 years, Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) lost his brother Yancy on last Kaiju attack while theirs brain still connected each other and affected to deep trauma on Raleigh.

Raleigh called for next mission again to combat Kaijus and piloted Gipsy Danger (his last Jaeger), with potential co-pilot. He choosed Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) as his co-pilot after severals test developed by Stacker. Mako was a Kaijus attack victim which adopted by Stacker. 

And the war begins again central in Hong Kong.

2 Jaegers unit are ordered to destroy them but they failed and caused two corporates die. Gipsy Danger finally able to attack the last Kaiju.

The last 2 remaining Jaegers get a command again to destroy the internaldimension portal using Nuclear reactor.

Meanwhile, Newton Geiszler (Day) a scientist studying about Kaijus, assembles a machine allowing him to establish a mental link with a Kaiju brain fragments. The experience nearly kills him but he discovers the Kaijus aren't wild beasts, but engineered weapons fighting at the behest of a race of alien conquerors and their mental linked each other. With Pentecost's approval, he seeks out Hannibal Chau (Perlman), a major figure in the trafficking of Kaijus part in black market in an attempt to procure an intact Kaiju brain to repeat the experiment.

After Gipsy Danger kills both Kaijus, Chau and his team move into harvest parts. Chau realizes that one of the Kaiju is pregnant. The newborn Kaiju bursts from its mother and swallows Chau before dying.

Geiszler and his partner Hermann Gottlieb (Gorman) merge with the baby Kaiju's intact brain and learn the portal will only open for a Kaiju.

It was a pretty nice ending with severals epic war.


Storyline 8/10

The storyline was epic and a bit unexpected. The movie concept was arranged really well especially the concept of shared-brains movement and gives us not only an ordinary sci-fi film and war between aliens-humanity.
but, I feel a little dissappointed with the ending. The ending has a smiliar plot as The Avengers film which put and deploy a Nuclear reactor into interdimensional world to close the portal. Eventhough, Pacific Rim already planned to explode the Nuclear reactor than The Avengers which explode it as Tony's initiative.

Acting 8/10

Both of actress doing a great job. But, honestly I need a more pop-up jokes. I suddendly in love with Hannibal Chau, lols.

Machinery and Monster Design 8/10

A SUPER GIANT WARMACHINE. lols, I've seen the meme of Jaeger on 9Gag which display the overall height of Jaeger. Higher than Gundam and Godzilla!!
I thought that Kaiju is a fusion between godzilla, dinosaur, and insane mix of transformer (._, )

Sounds 7/10

Sounds effect doing a great job. No noise, no lack of explode effect. but beforehand, I expected a theme-song will directed by a well-known theme maker in Transformer, but overall is good.

Visual Effect 10/10

CAN'T SAY ANYTHING. The visual effects just spoils my eyes so lovely <3
Really a great job for those visual-effect assistant!

Overall Rating 41/50

Storyline, machinery concept, design of Jaeger, Kaiju, and corps uniform are really good. A super great visual effect. They just need to give more pop-up jokes instead in serious situation :) also provide a better theme-song maker because the theme-song really give an impact on first appreciation. Good works!

Have a great Mon(ster)day!


Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

The Best Healer

Done with Adobe Illustrator CS3
task free at office so i decided to make this :)
done in 1 hour.

A great music is a great healer right?

#np Coldplay- Viva La vida