Jumat, 22 Maret 2013


Addicted with editing so far. so, i want to make a "narsis" post instead :p
Bluurp mah face \o/

happy anniv mei!

Happy Annive half year dear sweet couple :D




some of my photography and editing result :) still need many practice and obviously in love with BW picture :D

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

A Late Birthday Post tee-hee

ahooooy people XD
how's your weekend? I have a (very) long weekend this week bcs my senior classmate is having their Vocational Exams. goodluck then :3.

So, last 20 February *i know it's really too late :p* I turned 16 this year!
Heck yeah, I didn't even realized that i grew up so fast. It's only one year left before my 17 birthday which mean i will have my KTP. tee-hee~
Well, i really hope  in my 16 years living on this world, i'll able to ride my motorcycle on my own as soon as possible. Why? Because my parents still afraid to loose me ride on my own -__-). It's kinda ridiculous because they were see me ride safety and doesn't like alay-nowadays. :p

On my bday last day, i got a very-fuckin-unpredictable surprised from my classmate. They're really good to tricking me. They involved on my *and Aulia too* mewek-mewek time XD.

Sooooooo, all i want to say since my bday is, Thanks to all my friend who greet me on my Twitter, Facebook, and personal message. Special one is Breda  as the first person who greet me that day *3a.m in the morningwas so unexpectable to did yeah* :) I've never feel so blessed along that day. My parents who gave me birth 16 years ago. My cosplay friends, all of you!

My wish for my fabolous 16 bday is 

  • Adding some outfit to my closet, lol i still a girl, right?
  • Expand my photography skills,
  • Expand my makeup skills,
  • Have a fairer skintone hahahaha,
  • Do the best for my deisgning or anything about multimedia task that ND give to me :)
  • Able to include on some designing events,
  • Living a life on the path i've ever plan,
  • Have someone beside me that could accept me,loving me,and be my future husband, amiin,
  • Cosplay more hahaha,
  • Do some YOLO adventure,
  • Traveling around anywhere
  • Check out more delightful cuisine,
  • Do more futsal experience
Just all, i know its the right time to grow up not because anything. It's all what i want, grow up elder and have 12 years old fun minded ^^
happu birthday too for Aulia Monova, Ko Bayu Febianto *really miss my old brother XD*, Aji Nanda Permana *how's life anyway?*
hope y'all have the same awesome bday too!

cheers of sixteen,


me, 15 years old :p