Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Happy Birthday BREDA!

for some reasons, i dedicated my time doing this project. actually this textmotion is my homework from my ekstracurricular and i remember that Breda will have his bday this Tuesday.
So, this is my art for you Breda :)
happy bday, wish you all really the best and be more awesome ^^
love you bro

the video is still on upload proggres~

Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Monday Art Revealed

Sunday Trick Art Indo and Ridiculous Things We Had

hello :) this is almost the date of Xin Cia *Chinesse New Year*
And I can't stand to wait until the day to come *uwoh

So, living in this February, i learnt so much things.
The saddest one was I didn't finished my magazine project on the deadline and my teacher was upset to me
Dissapointed and feels so stuck
well... everything happen has gone and i would expand my skill as possible to get more achievment next time
promise me that everything will go allright

The best thing will comes this year would be my birthday. Not only my birthday on 20th February, but my friends too. Ko Bayu, Aji Nanda, and Aulia Monova my classmate :)
And Breda nii-san was born in 19th February. LOL what a coincidence based on comment reply last night :>

Anddddddd, i attended Trick Art Indonesia closing exhibition last week, 3rd February with my big bro Fahmi. We had a lotsa fun there. I can say that Trick Art Indo is one of the best exhibition i've ever come!
Seriously, i'll hardly wait for next year exhibit! But unlucky me, i didn't take too many photos there bcs there was a huge amount of people queued for taking photos too~
Ka Ika cosplaying as Tsunade :O so seductive

After attended Trick Art, We (Fahmi, Me, Candra, Chowdotya, Agus S. , And Boby) went to Menteng Park to shoot some sort films produced by Candra :p
Then my another big bro came. I forced him to be brave take one side flip on hard surface. AND HE DID IT! we really had so much fun there. It was a rare momment for me to unite with my 2 big bro's on weekend.
Hopepfully we can do more spare time together~

So, How's your weekend? And What's your plan for next weekend?
Xin Cia is about to come and my birthday too!
Can't hardly ressist

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

DIY ombre jeans shirt

Ohayou (/*3*)/
so long time no posting yaaa?
gomen (__ __) I break from online world for a while to do some designing stuffs.
Actually Vocational high school's days are quite busy but i really enjoy it.
I'm already face second semester of my first year here.
And designing project like company merchandise was our first project. Our teacher forced us again to make another designing project. And now I'm making design for magazine project.
I'm thinking to make schools's magazine but my InDesign seems not works well as i expected.

So, to relief my boreness, I make some DIY project this week.And edited the background just for remind my photoshop skills :p

Enjoy ya!
Materials : 1. Mom's old jeans shirt, 2. houshold bleach 3. fork/spoon/stick 4. a bucketfull of warm water
First, wash your jeans with cold water without any additional fluid. Just water.

Pour a sachet of household bleach *i need to add 2 more bleacher bcs mine doesn't strong enough , but if you try to find another bleacher with stronger effect, you may need 1 sachet* 50water:50bleacher

Dip a half section of your jeans shirt with fork helps and leave it to reach the color you desired. But remember to not leaving it too long because its an errosive component that may damaged your fabric. Mine took 45 minutes to dipped

The sleeve zoom in after bleaching~

I really satisfied with the result and I'm so proud to wear it in casual time.
Mine paired with red shorts and white tee for going outside
But, it wearable if you knot the bottom of shirt and mix with highwaist pastel skirt and whiteoxford shoes~
This is save a huge cost than other store selling
i saw this kind of item on Topshop and it sold about IDR 500.000++

I'm glad if you send me some of your picture doing this DIY tutorials :3
you can tweet it to me @nyooron
or leave a comment below :D

ciaaaaa have a nice Friday~