Senin, 28 September 2015

Beautylabo Natural Blonde and Raspberry Pink

Hello good people!

Today, I went to PIM and watched Inside Out with my friend, Tiyem and his friend Omped. The movie was good! ;) A night before I told Tiyem that I want to color my hair plum but he dare me to color it pink :)) he didn’t know that it is so hard to find a nice shade of pink in drugstore around Jakarta’s mall except I bought it online. So he willing to pay the hair dye if we found it and so be it!

I bought Beautylabo in Raspberry Pink and Natural Blonde color at Watson’s PIM 2. Anyway, it cost only around IDR 65k for two because they had 30% discount and 40% discount only for Natural Blonde shade. A huge savings! So I rushed to color my hair after got home. First, I took the Natural Blonde color to even my roots and hair. The old color already looks dull because the last time I dyed it was on June before my internship at Giordano. I want something fresh.

I bought N9 and R7

What I love from this product is so easy to apply even without comb. The result as you see, looks.......

Natural Blonde (indoor)

result indoor for Raspberry Pink

The Raspberry Pink one more likely a bit burgundy with lovely maroon stains. Super love it! Especially in indoor lighting. 

Pros :
+ Affordable price (i got discount too!)
+ Color looks very nice
+ Cute packaging
+ Easily found 
+ Colorant is very easy to applied
+ Well prepared start up kit <3

Cons :
+ Smells left for 3 days
+ Fades out easily. Around 6 wash

Thanks for reading!