Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Graduate day

hey people :)
I'm back from my busy routine hehe. Well, yesterday, i was doin my vocation school test. It was soooo hardcore. LOL not too. just a lil bit freak out with sciene and math. Actually sciene and math is my specialist. in National exams, these categories was so easy to pass. >__>
Yeah i hope i could get in to my choosed.

Next day, I'll come to my graduate party at UNSADA ballroom hall. And i wear kebaya XDD.
so, see you soon.


Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Review I-Fest Event

Konnichiwa people... :)

Chelsea Became winner in FA Trophy ≧∇≦)/ still waiting the final derby of Chelsea vs Meunchen for Liga Champions

It's a rainy Monday. But i love this morning dewey. Pouring rain has been clear up my mind in this starting week.
On last weekend, I attended I-Fest event nyaaa~ (´▽` )/~☆
I used Fahmi's armor, Tajadoru from Kamen Rider OOO and joined the cosplay competition there.  My mate, Ivan, used Hurrican Red from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger :D. Just realize that being a suit actor or cosplay with armor was so hard and HOOOT. It was seriously hypertermia. And i can't hold my sweat      (;一_一)

We fought and did the battle performance, but well we leave to home with nothing. Maybe we can get trophy next upcoming event (^v^)b

With Riyo, Samurai Blue vocalist ≧∇≦)/

tired face

Anyway, I do nothing since I finished National Exam. I just got bored easily.
I decided to re-open my styling corner and offer it to other cosplayers.
And, it seems people interest to given their wig to me for styling. thankyouu :)

PS : Im in love with vocalist of Samurai Blue band kyaaa (≧∇≦)/ and he wants me to join singing in next event. well, particulary be singer and meanwhile cosplaying too!! It must be prepare
PS2 : I'm searching for cupcakes recipes. If anyone have some, just tell me ( ・ω・)