Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Sonia Eryka

(Upcoming) AFA ID 2013! The Most Anticipated Indonesia Japan Lover Event This Year

Greeting's from Nyoron here :D hehe
How's your holiday and final annual report this second semester? Anything improve or maybe something went down? :) welp, just let all the report as is and do better and better for next year academy!

This year holiday will be so long and fun because extended with puasa (fast) holiday~ I have 2 weeks holiday until 15 July then entering school only for 2 weeks last and have another holiday for Lebaran (Idul Fitri) :D / sooooo happy~

I'll have Industry Work Practice or ppl easily said Prakerin (Praktik Kerja Industri) start from August till October, wish me luck!

Anyway, does anyone here know about AFA? Wwww... AFA is an acronym from Anime Festival Asia which held an exhibition for japan lover all around the Asia. Not only an exhibition, there'll be a international cosplay competition, maid and butler cafe, also super EXCITED ANISONG STAGE!!. So far, AFA already successed in Malaysia and Singapore. Last year, AFA finally held on Indonesia and took place in JCC, Kemayoran. The event was successed and bait so many visitor to come there to gather or just to watch ANISONG STAGE.

Last year, AFA serve a super delight Anime Singer as special guest such as LiSA (my favorite!) Stereophony, 7!!, Ichirou Mizuki, and many more! The tickets sold out barely one month only, for God's sake O__O. And maybe, that's why Danny Choo as Culture Japan and AFA manager, decided to held another AFA event in Indonesia!

Yahooooo~ This is mean another anisong artist collaboration (9*w*)9

This is the list of artist which will contribute on AFA- ULTIMATE ANISONG STAGE 2013 :

  • Babymetal
  • Eir Aoi
  • Aya Hirano
  • May'n
  • frip Side
The cosplay competition judges! Kaname agaaaain~ eheheh <3 wondering that Kaname miss me that much and glad to come again to Indonesia nyehehe (to meet me and dying) #no :
  • Danny Choo
  • Richfield Edbert (ofcourse ko Richie will be there XDD he's an ambassador for Indonesia for AFA~)
  • Angie
  • Clive
  • Kaname *
  • Ying Tze
ANd there'll be Atelier Royale Butler Cafe again ///// also MoeMoe Kyun Maid Cafe <3

Also, there'll be ARCC Stage for cosplay competition~ (*v*)/

Anyone go there? I'll go and cuss too with my friend, no. not for cosplay. but watching ANISONG Stage. Why? Because last year i felt so BLOODY REGRET because had no money to watch anisong and LiSA as guest star TT_____TT)
This year for sure, i'll buy the Anisong Ticket VIP!! huooo~ I'm not going to buy standing ticket bcs last year, the participant are lacks of in on day 2 30 minutes after show open huhuh~

Have a fun holiday!!!


Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Afternoon Photosession with Manual SLR cam

Hellllooooooo >w<) how's your holiday recently?
I have many stuffs to do along my holiday (which is so long bcs extended with Ramadhan holiday).
Anyway, i had a casual photosession with Chowdotya Raito (Stevanus Christian) my photographer friend which have specialities in manual SLR camera or Lomo cameras.

We made it on 22 June, last Saturday afternoon.
But, unfortuneately, we didn't took too many photo cause we on the place nearly when sun set off and his camera (which is using cam-roll) unavailable to take a picture with low-light substances.

You know, for the first time he took myself photo on Toys Fair, March 2013, he had REALLY great photo. Why? because i was sick there and looks so pale, so i thought twice to have a photo there. But he gave me photo result that didn't make me looks so pale and sicky~ hehe. Fav's <3

And 2 weeks ago he asked me to have a photoshoot with him for his portofolio. Obviously, i accepted that invitation. :) and here we gooooo

nyehehe, he's so curious to had a photosession at Taman Langsat, Blok M earlier but that's a bit far from my place and i couldn't get there without any motorcycle allowed to driven by myself err -__-. Maybe next time we'll have photosession there ;D

And this is the result of our photosession. Not much but i love the AGFA roll's effects! lovely~

I looks like have no neck nyahaha. female kubinashi~

Gonna have a punch? :p


a strange cat become our props hahaha


dedi said i look like preggy woman -_-

another swings shoot hahaha

His photo was great but the is bad actually my pose. I still trying to be more photogenic and make a natural pose. so forgive me if there's any pose looked so unphotogenic :p

Naaaaaa! That's was the result XD. lovely, right?
Anyway, if you seek for someone who will shoot your pose with unexpected result, ask him via His Facebook -> Chowdotya Raito (Stevanus Aditya Christian Arindra) or pm him ;D he'll reply your message as fast as he can :D

Have a great photo's! *and don't forget to mention my name and my blog about this information :p*

Credits : all photos belong to Chowdotya Raito (Stevanus Aditya C.A.) don't use any photos without permission earlier. Thanks!



special omake

Senin, 24 Juni 2013

June Bless

Anything goes better in June :D
But well, i miss my old step-brother (again) Fahmi and Ipan.
Anyway congrats for Fahmi reached his "S. Ked" title last week :) I'm really proud of ya!
I miss Fahmi so much bcs we went so many times without chat or even single meet. And i think there's a space between us now :(
Hopefully that just bcs my mood ruined shortly

have a great June!!