Jumat, 26 April 2013

Friday Art! Saber


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii >_<
It's really so long time without single posting right?
It's already April and we'll face May in a few days
This month everything goes very well. My senior classmate had do their National Examination 2013 :)
And my junior on 255 JHS too had face their own Exam :)

Well, but this month still a few things bothering me.
How i start it yah? -__- hmm...
I have a footage joke for my own consumption everyday. She's kind of SKSD person, weeaboo, vvota and her life *by her tweet obviously* is so fascinating to stalk and member-being tweeted eheheh XP~ also her english IS SO fuunny and her Japanese is so pft . I mean it.
the first, it's only a daily jokes for me to mocking her WITHOUT HER KNOWING LAH and i usually laughing everytime i saw her tweets. She's so funny :p
She's trying to love JKT48 and being vvota at the same time maybe because She had pay an attention for her last crush, my senior classmate which is AKB48-family fans :p
you know what i mean lah~
Trying to catch attention by got deeper into your crush hobbies or things.
She's wearing hijab, she has tweeted that she use that because got pushing by her father.
but for me, why don't you throw away your hijab and be honest to your dad that you're not ready yet to use it and you beg him that you use jilbab with pressure in your heart
Than you upload your photos without wearing any hijab, upload you dance cover with hotpants *oh my... hotpants really doesn't suit well with your face* and spread baby powder to your thigh while wearing hotpants. pft
It's disgusting ya know?!
It's just like you're put a black dirt into hijab sake.
Wear it when you ready yet! well, that's my opinion sih~ That's the point of all this funny footage jokes.

Yes, i always looking for her weakness to make it become funny. Say that I kinda of revenger. She tweeted that "you have no bussiness in my life. You didn't know my feeling" Well, it's better to don't know anything for the first time, rite?

I tweeted anything about her sometimes, but i don't mention it to her. No, i'm not a chicks or backstabber. I hold a rule of trolling
1. If you troll, don't get butthurt or being butthurted.
2. It's better for you not knowing anything for not get trolled.
3. Don't interfre other problems while you trolling

But, actually my friends might be kepo at me and asked "who's on your tweets?" and i told them. And they started to joking on her too.

And finally maybe she start to stalk or feel those tweets addreesed for her by my friends tweet? and she got butthurted, lol
And the problem spread over till few of 11th Grades join into.
What the hell....
Those fags called us "komplotan" said that we're bully her. YES WE MOCK UP HER but, DOES SHE KNOWS THAT WE MOCK UP HER? WE DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HER :)))
So, what's the point of bullying?

Bullying is you suppress other who's weak IN FRONT OF THEM AND THEY KNOW THEY'RE BEING BULLIED. this point, she didn't even know until she kepo by herself.
We don't bully her :) WATCH YOUR MOUTH DARLING
We didn't even come infront of her and mocking her, punch or slap her. WE DIDN'T EVEN DO THAT.
We just make her as our funny jokes without she knows.
Then if we did so, you say we're chicks? But if we offensive straightly you say we're bullying? ckck :) what a ebi-minded person.

Please, don't be annoying. don' interfre other problems if you didn't know their main point :))

Anyway, i was a victim of bullying, so don't overthink that i'd never feel bullying before.
It's a cruel things to do. I know. I believe in  Karma. now, I'm enjoying the part of karma return's for me.

Don't be a late heroes. You'll be looks like shame.

"A cruel things will leads you into addictive"

Now, I'm doing a cruel things *maybe* but i'll never be so addictive. I was a victim too remeber? :))

"It's better to keep silent if you got supressed"
yeah, that's the better things to do.
Let us mock you up behind without you know, you stay silent, didn't know anything

In the end we'll get boring of mocking you,rite? But we don't promise you when it'll stop.
Just....... don't know anything lah :) *if you think that's the great deal of happiness*

"You're living your life. Don't bother with other comments" YES YOU'RE RIGHT. live yourself out. lol

"Tweets doesn't always describe your whole life and interpersonal"
Maybe yes maybe no :)
People tweet what they want to tweet, and sometimes *or often* they tweet what describe them and their feelings, GAUSAH TSUNDERE DEH LO. haha

"Siapa mereka? idup idup gue. kenapa mereka yang sibuk komen. gue mau ngapain kek"
Well, if you won't caught attention and being mocked don't be ANYONE don't do ANYTHING
you can't? so, accept this life's irony dude.
:)) you SHOULD or maybe be forced to accept people negative comments. If you won't, do as i wrote above.
If you still bothered by them, block them, ignore them
Life is so easy but sometimes YOU who's made it difficult to lived.


I've told what i want to say :)
It's kinda a sarcasm or egoist post indeed right? hahah