Jumat, 21 September 2012


12.10 P.M on my school.
Im stuck in boringness waiting for pre ceremony with my class.
Well randomly, while stuck in this situation, my nose being so sensitive.
It's cloudy now. Surprisingly Jakarta will have a rain. I hope rain is coming to cancle pre ceremony work  again after longtime summer.
The scent of wet soil never fail me. May you feel same? :)

My nose works again. It smells da boy that I intrested much.
Yes He's so metropols. But he's masculine too. not sexy as Jhonny Depp did but lil bit masculine. close enauf
I love his scent around me.
Parfume which represents freedom but bonding, adore, and sensual spirit.

Anyway, early this morning i heard that JB couple win Pemilukada DKI Jakarta.
Congrats peeps! We love you. Please welcome and prepare yourself for breath taking challenge in Jakarta :)


sweet couple

me with elizabeth Seah from haru house Spore

instax captured

Cepot my new cat

ce matcha mei and Yutaka Zen at AFAID 2012

Kamis, 20 September 2012

pretty liar and recklessly of man

Mood booster came up from everywhere. that you thought that was nothing.
My own booster is Micah my cat *well, only i who called my cat with M-I-C-A-H not pusss or ck ck ck like my mother did*
Micah is unpredictable and very uber "cool" cat. She is precious for my life. Actually when i feel down, stressed out with little particle thing *especially pimples*, or anything. She knows when the right time to became tame in front of me or became wild behind everyone *me too*
But, now, my adorable booster is sick. She was cough and not active as usual she did like catch it catch that, pull my homework, broken up my hello kitty alarm. Im sad, my mom sad. And i look like heavy gussy panda along this week. Im trying my best to treat Micah well. :(

But today, i can smile a little bigger *but my friends said Im lookin like grin*. I found Micah slept inside pot. :"D she was definetly cuteeee.
hope Micah will get well soon.

So, i have a "fun" news. Am I told you that i have a SUPER FUN news? forget it.

Have i already told you that i have a biggest enemy this year? No? Okay let me tell you that i really have one.
He really the real dumbass i ever known i ever met and i regret everything that i have did with him. He is a sick person. attention whore i can say?! *le me mourn and speak up. this is my blog, anyway?*
So let we give him initial name SSP. S is for his  name. S dippin from SICK. P is from *no not his assets* Person.
S is sick Person.

We were fought around 3 months ago. He  was my friend last day. I met him in Gelar Jepang Univ. Indonesia last year. He was nothing. He just teenager boy who looks like okama and seems hey-wanna-share-some-drink-i-have-Martini-on-my-bag *anyway, siapa juga yg nyimpen martini di dalem tas lo?*
Well, on that last GJUI,  I go with Agra, his school's friends and Nisa. I stayed up at that cosplay event until night maybe 8 or 9 p.m I even forget. He following us becauuse he and his  friends want to go home together using train and we out in same station,Tebet.

He follow us. Just starring at Rhui and Miju. I assumed that he was so clueless about cosplay. After GJUI event passed, i have his number * i also forget how can i get that, but you have no opportunity to remember lots of memories especially all the bad sides from the person who pissed u off, right?*

Day by day, we're became friend. He was interested with Rhui. Im only gave him information about Rhui. just a little and basic information. Then, he became cosplayer. I always remember his first cosplay was Yu Narukami (Souji Seta) from Persona4. HAHAHAHA that fuckin face cosplayin as Yu Narukami. The hell he did that?! XD LMAO

I am who made him up, putting powder, giving foundation, and anything doesn't looks bad at all. He performed in front of many many peoples especially Rhui. Attention whore busted lhaa. I don't mean to mentioned things i have done for him but i already disgusted with him. Overall.

Now, he became super duper dickass man. He think all way that he is FAMOUS, CHARMING, GREAT, PLEASED., THE MOST CLEVER PERSON ON COSPLAY WORLD? He was tottaly wrong! extremely wrong!

Please, He just noob here. I don't want calssifying other with pro or noob, but he make me did.

He was the person who kicked me from cosplay group
He was the person who pissed me off
He was the person who think that he is the best all the way either.
He is now my enemy

And now, Im laughing of him.
He just out from his group. The cosplay group that same like i entered before, which is all the person inside *not all but well...* were introduced by me.. I want to laugh. I always remember forgetfull moment when he said that I am useless on that group, he wants me to cosplay perform battle with him, LOOL that boy should go to psikiater ASAP. For me, only 3 costumes those really belongings to him.

1.Yu Narukami
2. Minato Arisato *minato's wig by me*
3. Gallantmont *he bought it second handed from Irva*

than he asked me to cosplay battle, and i force him what he will cosplaying as? with those costumes which are people commonly known he borrowed it? You are cosplay battle with costumes those you borrowed and you're so brave  to say. Kinda fool.

He became nut who forget it skin/home.

He fitnah *whatever* me too. He said that I went with his sister *his sister is my classsister in ES* and go home with around 12 P.M. 12 P.M could you imagine that shit?!
How could i went with his sister and took her home around 12 P.M meanwhile i SHOULD at home 8 P.M at least. Ipan who told me this shits.

Oh ya! He asked me to end this fuckin insulting with oh so pretty and sweety words. It was 7 days before Lebaran last month. I agree. but i will always remember all shits he had do.
It's my pleasure to keep something unforgettable. Although i already apologize him, i will make him no one in my life. :)
Treating him like he is nobody but shadow

whoaaaaa maybe this is the longest post i have just for jerk.
Iam feelin peace right now.
Thanks blog.

PS : sorry for my superb bad grammar here. I used to use English to post something when i were upset, i couldn't think any languange fits on me. Im still learning here. so just apologize my bad grammar :p

xoxo, nite

Kamis, 13 September 2012

Emma Stone for Revlon Photoready Mousse Base

It wasn't so expired, right?
Now Im gotta share my excitement about Emma Stone!!
I saw it last night while watching talkshow and suddendly wild Emma appears. LOL
She's being Revlon brand ambassador for photoready ad campaign.
She just...... nghh can't describe by words. But i should tell you that Emma gorgeously pretty, flawless, and matchless :)

Click click


Im being sick this whole month. This High School's life really killing my time. :(
So, i have nothing to do. Anyway my AFA experience wasn't so great likes other people did.
Meanwhile, everyone busy to do this and that for AFA, i was just counting the day and felt blessed could met Oz again. Yes, we almost broken up caused his Final Assingment Bachelor degrees. It was so fuck -_-

Anyway, in the life we need people's opinion. Although there's bunch of reasons why we don't have to keeping ears of those shits, but we should. Or maybe we can't hide from it.
I have a little story about it.

I have cosplay friend. But now I'm trying to not interact with her again.
Her intial is AY. Yes, she's beautifull and sometimes so handsome in her way's. Unfotunatelly, she can't separate between bitch-so-please-u-say-sexy and art.
Yeah, she exposed her body anytime she did. She looks handsome, have a flat chest *that im almost cheated guess she was a boy*. But one thing i can't agree with her is....... why you confess yourself as cosplayer. IMO, you better say that you are a photomodel or Playboy covergirl. :v it's better anyway.
Although she is famous *because her daring syle *
How could you said you're a cosplayer? Attention whore kah?
Now everyone, especially upstairs cosplayers are banned her. Me too. There's nothing i can proud of her.

Well, Im tired