Kamis, 29 November 2012


I have a husky now
ah my wish to get at least one u__u
Why i love husky so damn much?

Husky is an uber cool, calm,and ice-hearted dog
But if you already tame it, he'll become your most precious,warm,and savior for your life
I've dremt all day to get this pet at least one but i can't~
sooooooo. yatta! i already have one nau~


have a great noon :)

Kamis, 22 November 2012

A Little Question About Life

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Konnichiwa :)
Jakarta is rainy today. It's really makes me happy and sad tho
Well..... If the day going like this, i mean rainy, pretty calm, and everything allright, i often daydreaming. And sometimes asked myself about LIFE

It's 11th month of 2012. There's so many thing passed this year.
And i realizing it.... everything moves so fast.
It just feels likes, "perasaan baru kemaren yah gue tahu baruan"
Yep, time has such a conpiracy about speed and it circumstation.
Last year, i still on Junior High School
Fought with a bunch of homework, struggling with exams, and laughed with my friends.

But.......... Suddendly it left behind.
Bam! I'm on Senior High School right now
Enjoying my life as first stage pupils.

People have their own memories about their life
About their relationship, their experience, their friends, and their times
Everything has perfectly packed by The Almighty

Sometimes, we wish that time could be more faster.
But if "that time" has left behind, we wish that time to go back in our life
Simply, is remembering and call back our memories.

Relationship then
I'm a single child in my family
the one and only daughter in my family
I used to seek for someone that be glad to be my fake brother
Alhamdulillah, i found them
My precious and priceless fake brothers, Fahmi and Sylvan
They are my saviors, they are my treasure that God gave to me
I'm glad having them as my side-family

Rain pours more intense.
Im just looking outside the window
"What is the thing probably happen in next second?in next minute?"
Is that we just waiting and process our life by time runs?
We're looking for tomorrow secrets.
And do everything happened today

Sometimes, people had a little chat with me.
She asked me why I have a lot of friends, why i was so easy to bond a relationship?

I had no answer that time
I just smiled to her and said simply thing in my head

"Even though i have a lot of friends, i doesn't mean we're connected perfectly. I often feel lonely too"

Yeah,that's a life drama

What is the meaning of LIFE?

maybe that question might be have no answer

Selasa, 20 November 2012


“Kadang, semakin banyak seseorang tahu,semakin takut pula fakta menyeliputinya”

Yep, I just finished my logarithm class with Ma’am Hulis.
Actually, there’s nothing about logarithm swirl in my head. Hehe
But the last word before class over is the one and only thing I remember. And its really impress me
I asked my teacher about logarithm concept applied in real life,

“Ma’am, what is the function of logarithm in real life problem?” *well, it’s a joke instead serious question because I have an opinion that 70% math concept isn’t usable for my future work-life*

My teacher answered, “You might be not listening your friend presentation 20 minutes ago”

“Yeah, guess I am”

“Well, ask your friends who had a presentation just now”

I head up asked my friend but my teacher cut off my conversation

“Actually, in our life, we might be not know everything at all. If we know something more than the other, it might be fact will kill us later”

I know B.J. Habibie is the one who found out application of logarithm concept for airplane’s cracks and strokes till the atomic state.
But I guessing something. Is it Habibie will caught a fear if he took a ride with an airplane and  going somewhere, then the plane got a fatigued and turbulation over the sky. The terrible part is, Habibie know the probability of plane condition. Is it gonna be fall down? Or maybe stayed up over the sky?
He might be know. Because he known something.

Yeah, sometimes, being enxyclopedia human is not a great and perfect way to be lived.
People doesn’t need to be smartest, brilliant, etc.
They just need to do what the best they have to got achievement in their life. To get what they want, and get a satisfied of their dreams or goals.
And I can’t agree anymore than my teacher said.

A clueless pinguin used to stay alive

Senin, 19 November 2012


おたんじょうび おめでとう!!!


Sooooooooooooooooo excited (/*3*)/
Well, today is my brother bday. <3 <3 <3
actually he's not my brother XD he's my fake brother 

Le me tell you some short story about my first meeting with him ^^
His name is Fahmi Radityamurti, nau he's 22 years old.
He is a co-ass Forensic state at RSCM Central Jakarta nau. Yep, he's a Medical Faculty's student on Universitas Indonesia now :)

I met him at ToysFair 2012 last February.
First impressment about him is...... He is so strange.
hahaha. But by times flows, we both begin so close.
My first visit to his homestay *alias kostan* is around 5 months ago. Hehe
We share some stories about our cosplays, our hobbies etc.
and finally i asked him to become my fake brother

So far he's a great brother.
Yesterday, me, Ipan, and Fahmi took some cosplay job at child's bday.
Fun yet tired. but yes, it was really a quality time with them

well... ciao. i will introduce my another fake brother tomorrow. jyaaa

Sabtu, 17 November 2012


Drowned by Time

It might be so long time since my last post.........
Yep, I'm now mostly active on twitter.

so, time goes and flows so fast. unpredictbly fast
I can't imagine that everything changed.
Now, there's no man beside me.
I've broken up with him since a whole month ago.
Actually it made me sick.

I still can't moving my heart, my soul, my memory from him.
We were together along this 16 months.
Our priceless 16 months ends up with nothing but just left a shame.

I still remember the ssaphire ring he bought to me and gave it to me around 7 months ago.
I remember........

But heck yeah
Eveything was gone, is already gone.
So there's no time for me to lacking my heart and let it tear into the pieces.
Now, Im going to once again, do the same thing after end up in a love story

Wake up, collect the broken pieces, and seek the shore for something new

vanessa delicia hanggara. I miss my little angle so much :)

Grow up so fast