Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

Purbasari Matte Lipstick : Amethyst and Crystal

Hello! I'm blogging from Jogja right now.
I'm on vacation  and last night my friend, Ann brought me to Mirota Kampus store, near Gadjah Mada Univeristy. I was aimed to find a new lipstick, especially matte and nude one as my daily basis.

And I really amazed how everything could be very cheap in Jogja! You know, the difference of price in here than Jakarta is about 2-5 thousand rupiahs. A very-very huge saving for me. Ann shows me Purbasari counter to test their lipstick. Actually Purbasari brand is well-known as local famous like Sariayu, Wardah, La Tulipe and etc but I never tried it before.

I bought two shades, Amethyst and Crystal. They come with simple black packaging and I thought the applicator itself a bit tiny for me and made me afraid it would be broke easily. They both have a great matte finish! Super great and looks like import lipstick, I'm not lying!. I chose Crystal shade for my nude looks and Amethyst for special occasion. It costs Rp 31.000 for each. What an affordable price for ultra local quality, rite?

Amethyst (left) - Crystal (right)

indoor lighting using Crystal

outdoor lighting using crystal too!

But unfortunately, i rarely find Purbasari brand in Jakarta. Perhaps, i'll buy some more as my stock in Jakarta later. aaaah I adore Jogja for its convenience. :)

Pros :
+ Super cheap
+ Great matte finish
+ Not sticky
+ A perfect shade of nude I've wanted

Cons :
+ Rarely found in Jakarta
+ The applicator tube is a bit tiny

Thanks for reading!


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